Six tips to prevent workout injuries

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With Wimbledon fast approaching and tennis fever setting in; many keen tennis enthusiasts are sure to be taking to the court to showcase their talents in the upcoming weeks. To prevent any workout injuries occurring, British Military Fitness has come up with six important things to remember when heading onto the tennis court!

1. Set aside enough time to conduct the training

Most keen tennis players set time aside for a full match, but forget about warming up and cooling down before and after their workout. You should always allow enough time to do a full and progressive warm up, main workout and cool down and ensure you integrate this in all of the exercise classes you do.

2. Ensure you are well hydrated and have eaten sufficiently to fuel your exercise

In the summer months, tennis training tends to move from indoors training to outdoor training; meaning that players need to ensure they drink plenty of water throughout the day to maintain hydration levels. So, try to eat a light meal two hours before exercising. If you don’t do this then you may suffer from poor hydration and nutrition; causing premature fatigue and loss of concentration during your match. This could impact your serve or make you more susceptible to injuries.

3. Warm up thoroughly

Before entering a match, a thorough and progressive warm up will prepare the body as well as the mind for the tennis that will follow. Warming up ensures that joints are well lubricated and reduces the friction within them; muscles are also more elastic allowing you to deliver that much needed backhand!

4. Ensure your training is progressive

Always know your tennis capabilities, and ensure you train within your limits and do not do something you truly believe is beyond your abilities. Training over your limits means you could overload your body as you have not conducted the necessary preparation and conditioning that your body needs to happen over a longer period of time, resulting in an injury.

At British Military Fitness we ensure all of our members are in the appropriate class for their ability when they partake in our fitness boot camp. As an individual’s fitness level improves they can then progress to the next class level, ensuring they are always exercising at their optimum level.

5. Always use the most appropriate equipment for the activity

Tennis racquets are a vital piece of equipment and need to be selected carefully as the right one can make a huge difference to your game. The wrong racquet increases the likelihood of tennis related injuries.

It is not only tennis that this tip applies to, you need to always think about the activity that you are undertaking and ensure that you obtain the correct kit and equipment for that specific purpose. This is important as the correct equipment has been researched and designed for that purpose and will facilitate better performance and prevent injuries.

6. Ensure you have adequate rest before training again

The essence of any exercise programme is adequate rest as without it there will be no fitness gains made and injuries will be likely. With Wimbledon fast approaching, you may be training harder than usual; making you feel tired and generally unmotivated to exercise. If this is the case then you should consider resting until these symptoms subside.

We hope British Military Fitness’s tips to help reduce the possibility of a workout injury are useful and that you remember to use them within your future exercise regimes.

These tips do not necessarily have to be only applied when playing tennis, as at British Military Fitness our instructors also follow this advice religiously and ensure all their members are aware of them when participating in British Military Fitness’s outdoor military fitness program.



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